Drama and Acting

Drama and Acting

Throughout the DDJ Performing Arts Drama

curriculum, we refer to dramatic concepts.

These include, but are not limited to:


  * spatial awareness
  * stage awareness
  * vocal dynamics
  * body language and physicality
  * characterisation
  * mime
  * improvisation
  * physical theatre
  * symbolism
  * memorisation techniques
  * status/relationship dynamics
  * teamwork and cooperation
  * poetry performance and interpretation
  * vocal and physical warm-up techniques
  * breathing techniques
  * script writing and interpretation
  * directing


The best part is, your child doesn’t even realise they’re learning all of this! What seems to them like fun games are in fact exercises which reinforce these concepts and ensure they are constantly aware of themselves and the people around them. DDJ Performing Arts Drama teachers are passionate and highly experienced in their field and guarantee that your child will come home with a smile on their face after every lesson.


Each term the class works towards a performance piece – whether it is a play, group poem/poem medley or a musical, their rehearsals are centred on these dramatic concepts and students are encouraged to self-direct under the guidance of these rules. For example, students in Prep will understand the concept of never turning their back to the audience, and that vocal projection is of absolute importance so that “grandma can hear from all the way at the back of the room.” Students in Grade 6 and 7 will have a more complex understanding of relationship dynamics and ways to stage it, as well as the ability to direct which often results in students writing and performing their own work!